Boot Care

How Cobblers make your Shoes Comfortable

It is possible for a person to buy a new brand quality pair of shoes and yet feels uncomfortable while walking on the shoes? Nowadays people buy shoes online and there is no how they can test the shoe before making payment. You may be given the right size you ordered for but it is possible for the shoe not to offer you the required comfort despite the quality. Besides, as you are using a pair of shoe, it will be losing its beauty, quality and comfort. However, you can send the shoes to a cobbler to reshape them for you so that they will offer you more comfort. There are certain services a cobbler can render to you in order to make your shoe more comfortable. If you want to feel comfortable while wearing your shoes, the Shoe Service Institute of America advises that you do the following:


Jimmy refers to a thin piece of foam, felt or cork that is placed under the lining in a shoe’s forepart. A cobbler can jimmy your shoe so that it will offer you maximum comfort. For example, if it will be too tight for you to use size 7 and too loose for you to use 7 ½, you can still make use of size 7 1/2. But a cobbler has to crowbar it for you so that it will fit you very well.

Heel Cushions

There are today heel cushions that you can add to your shoes’ heels so that it will provide you with maximum comfort. You can buy them from the market and then give it to cobbler to put it on your shoe. But there are also some cobblers that sell shoe parts.


The insole refers to the inner sole of the shoe where the foot is rested when you are wearing your shoe. The insoles are available in a number of designs and styles. They are made with different types of materials. Insoles also help to offer maximum comfort to shoe wearers. It provides cushioning effect to the foot when one is wearing the shoe. However, it can spoil as you are using your shoe. Cobblers can put it on your shoes if you want, there are flat insoles, contour insoles and other designs. They can be made with leather or foam.


Halters are oval in shapes. They are pad that are placed under the foot’s ball. It helps to move the foot back in the shoe.  It also helps in eliminating toe overhanging especially in open-toed footwear. The cobblers can insert halters in your shoes, so that they will provide you with more comfort.

Tongue pads

As the name suggests, this is inserted at the tongue of footwear. It helps to tighten the shoe. This is especially useful for people that have low insteps. Tongue pads provide cushioning effects and thickness to the shoe.

Other services that cobblers can provide in order to make a shoe more comfortable include insertion of heel grips and arch supports repair.